Latest Batch of Sea-Themed Laser Cuts

Sea-themed laser cuts: mixed pieces

Over the last couple of days I’ve been cutting some sea-themed laser cuts, ready to turn into items for the Inspired by the Sea gallery in Worthing.

This is the “before” stage, when the pieces are fresh from the laser cutter, and then they will be turned into jewellery and fridge magnets:

sea-themed laser cuts for jewellery and fridge magnets
Mix of freshly-cut items
sea-themed laser cuts - dolphins for earrings
Dolphins for earrings


sea-themed laser cuts - shells for earrings
Shells for earrings
sea-themed laser cuts - tang fish for earrings
Tang fish for earrings
sea-themed laser cuts - sea turtles for earrings
Sea turtles for stud earrings


Now I just need to add some magnets and some beads and jewellery findings.


Laser-Cut Souvenir Fridge Magnets

Laser cut wooden souvenir fridge magnets

This website is being updated daily at the moment as it migrates from our previous provider, but here is a sneak preview of one of the pages that will shortly go live:

The Fridge Magnets page shows a range of recent (sea-themed) products. They are made from 3.6mm(ish) thick cherry wood laminate and can be etched with a place name or just left blank.

Please click on the photo below for more images.

Laser-cut wooden fridge magnet - Worthing seahorse