Another Rob Ives Paper Automaton

So far this year I’ve been experimenting more with making automata and mechanical toys. Here is a seagull automaton kit from Rob Ives’ website.

I’ve been learning how to make automata and mechanical toys so far this year, and so this week I downloaded a seagull automaton kit from Rob Ives’ website.

Here is the finished version:

rob ives seagull automaton.GIF

Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 086


Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 086

This is papercut 086 of my epic papercutting project (using the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book).  I’m adapting the designs for papercutting, and then practising by cutting out 100 designs in 100 days. Eventually I may may incorporate them in future papercuts that are made by laser and also by hand.

Woo, the cuts on this one are quite crisp…

papercut 086 with pen for scale - Kay Vincent - LaserSister


…even when you look at them up close. And I still had a blunt blade and was basically just hacking away at the paper. I’m quite pleased with this :)papercut 086 - Kay Vincent - LaserSister



Another Art Nouveau Style Papercut

Another Art Nouveau style papercut, from my ongoing papercutting project…

Another Art Nouveau Style Papercutting

Continuing my recent papercutting project, this is my latest hand-cut piece, based on one of the designs from the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” nouveau style papercutting