Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 085

Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 085

This is papercut 085 (only 15 more to go!) of my papercutting project (using the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book.  I am adapting the designs for papercutting, and then practising by cutting out 100 designs in 100 days. Eventually I may may incorporate them in future papercuts that are made by laser and also by hand.)

Because of the many repetitive elements in this design I think it might be one of the designs that would look better if cut by laser.

papercut 085 with pen for scale - Kay Vincent - LaserSister

However, I’m not too disappointed by the hand-cut version. The ‘sun ray’ bits are quite crisp, actually.

papercut 085 - Kay Vincent - LaserSister

As well as the central sun/flower design, I can also see things in this design that remind me of fish.  (Or sharks. Or maybe birds.) When I move onto my next epic papercutting project (of creating all of my own designs from scratch) then I might remember this one, and try to hide some fish or animals in an abstract-looking design.


Pinspiration: November 2017

Round up of this month’s visual research

Every month(-ish) I do a roundup of what I’ve been researching and saving to Pinterest.
I thought if I listed those findings here (and gave links to them) then these ready-made resources might save other people time and effort.

Hopefully you might even find some inspiration for your own craft projects.

So far this month I’ve created a Pinterest board for the following area of research:

Alphabet: Initial letters to display on children’s doors.

laser cut MDF letters for door plaques
Screenshot of Pinterest search for shield initial plaques

I then used this general inspiration about shield shapes to come up with a design for a shield-shaped door plaque (click here for tutorial on how to make a shield door plaque with children’s initials.)



Have you made anything similar, or seen any good (preferably free) resources that might help other people? If so, please do comment or use the contact form, or tweet @LaserSister


I’ve Hit the Top 40!

Aaah, the sweet smell of success. (And the sweet smell of laser-cut wood. Mmmm.)

Well, this is turning out to be an interesting (and busy!) week.

Checking out my blog stats, it appears that my laser cutting blog is in the top 40 of a list of laser cutting blogs!

Medal saying 'Awarded top 40 laser cutting blog'
Woo – some automated software has given me an award!

Disappointingly, there are only 33 websites on the list (I am currently number 30) – so it appears that at the moment if you have a laser cutting blog then you are automatically in the list. On the other hand, (1) I only moved to this website a few weeks ago, and (2) at least I’m actually on the list!

I will start to celebrate if I reach number 20 🙂

New Business: New Blog!

New laser-cutting business blog

After years of running Key Crafts (which covered several crafts including polymer clay, papercutting, jewellery, cardmaking, and laser art), I have now spawned a new company, which will concentrate specifically on the laser side of the business.

“LaserSister” is the new branch of the business, and will cover the laser cutting service for other artists, plus my own laser-cut jewellery, gifts, cards and toys.

I’m aiming to create a blog which will share:

  • information about laser cutting resources that I create, and/or find elsewhere
  • designs for cutting
  • links to other laser-related sites
  • observations and lessons learned from running a laser-cutting business
  • information about the services and products I provide

…but if you’d like to request or recommend any laser-cutting-related posts or content, please give me a shout and I’ll see if they can be added to the blog.

In the meantime the first item to come out of the new business is this kitten brooch, with its little dangly bead instead of a ball of string for the kitten to play with. It should soon feature on my new Etsy and Folksy shops (now all I have to do is create the shops…)



Thanks for reading, and please do comment/subscribe if you’re a fellow laser enthusiast. Cheers!