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Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 3: Art Nouveau Design Papercut

Papercut 530 art nouveau design horizontal - LaserSister - KayVincent

Art Nouveau Design #530

This ‘Art Nouveau Design’ papercut is part of my ongoing papercutting project, where I’m adapting designs from the book “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” to turn them into papercutting designs. This one is design #530 from the book.

Papercut 530 art nouveau design vertical - LaserSister - KayVincent

Closer up:

I love this one! For a start the design is right up my street; it reminds me of William Morris and Arts & Crafts Movement designs:

Papercut 530 art nouveau design square watermarked - LaserSister - KayVincent

But for this one in particular the thin lines turned out really well. I don’t think I accidentally ripped any of them, for a change, and even close up they seem OK.

This is a design that I can definitely see myself using in a ‘real’ project, one day.

While I was cutting I was listening to Tim Ferriss’s “4-Hour Work Week” audiobook. The world has changed a lot since it was released in 2008! Off the top of my head I can think of three things that have become extinct since then: faxes, Blackberries, and MySpace. The advice was still interesting and useful, but hopefully the companion website keeps readers/listeners up to date with new developments.

Any comments or advice about the ‘Art Nouveau design papercut’ or the cutting? You can chip in via the comments page, or Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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