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Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 2: Oranges and Ribbon

Papercut 651 oranges and ribbon horizontal - watermarked - LaserSister - KayVincent

Oranges and ribbon #651

Day 2 of the continuing papercutting project, where I’m adapting designs from the book “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” so they can be turned into papercuts via scissors and/or scalpel. (And so that my sanity will remain intact during the Covid-19 lockdown, because I find papercutting to be very relaxing and therapeutic.) This is design #651 from the book, and I’ve called it “Oranges and Ribbon” papercutting.

Papercut 651 oranges and ribbon - LaserSister - KayVincent

Closer up:

Maybe they’re not oranges? But I don’t think they’re tomatoes, because the leaves look more citrus-y than tomato-y. And I didn’t know how else to describe the swirly thing, so that’s why I just called it a ribbon. I like that the papercutting is sort-of-but-not-exactly symmetrical.

Papercut 651 oranges and ribbon close up - LaserSister - KayVincent

To me the design looks half Art Nouveau and half Art Deco (ribbon and oranges, respectively). Close up some of the lines do look a bit ‘lumpy’ because I didn’t go back and tidy them up, but that was because I was fairly satisfied with it to begin with. Unlike yesterday’s design at least the lines are nice and thick, so I wasn’t afraid of stretching the paper and accidentally ripping it as I went along. To be honest I don’t think I’d make any changes if I had to cut it again.

I’m not sure I will ever be able to find a real-life project where I’ll be able to incorporate this design (unless I end up sending someone a card one day that says something like “Orange you glad it’s your birthday?”) but in the meantime I enjoyed cutting this one.

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