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Japanese Bird Papercut K716

Japanese bird papercut closeup - cut by hand by LaserSister

This Japanese bird papercut is from an ongoing papercutting project that I’ve been doing. Basically I’m trying to hand-cut my way through all of the designs in Dover Books’ “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book. (The designs are all available as vector files, so I could theoretically just cut them all out with my laser cutter…but where is the challenge in that?)

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Japanese Bird Papercut K716

This week’s design is number 716 in the book.

I really like this design, and for once I’m happy with the way I cut it, too. (Well, except for the fact that the edges of the white paper have been cut on a bit of a wonk, but I can fix that later.)

Japanese bird papercut with pen for scale - cut by hand by LaserSister

Closer up:

Japanese bird papercut closeup - cut by hand by LaserSister

Yep, even close up I’m happy with it! I was using a new blade and for some reason I was feeling particularly patient.

This design looks Japanese – is it a crane bird? I really like the little hearts and peacock-y teardrop shapes that form the feathers.

I’m not sure about the circumstances under which I might wish to use a crane bird design, but it was really satisfying to cut, even if I never incorporate this design into any other projects.

I cut it while (half-)watching Cake Walk on Amazon Prime. I do like cake shows but I haven’t made my mind up about this one, yet.

Here is another link to the book itself, just in case you wanted to buy it and do your own papercutting:

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