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Fridge Magnet Shortage in UK Tourist Attractions!

black and white shop in nantwich

Rob and I are on holiday in the UK at the moment, and I’m recharging my ‘creative batteries’ by going to lots of museums and lovely English towns and castles.

The other day we went to the town of Nantwich, and none of the shops or museums that we visited seemed to sell fridge magnets. There is surely a gap in the market for them, because I actually know quite a few people who collect fridge magnets.

Here are a couple of examples below of buildings that I think would look nice as fridge magnets:

black and white shop in nantwich

black and white house in Nantwich - KayVincent

Heck, you could even make your own mix-and-match village of cute little black and white buildings on your fridge or freezer if only you had a few of these buildings cut out as fridge magnets.

I am now on a mission to create some magnets for myself, to see if they come out as well as I imagine they will…

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