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Fish Papercut K103

fish papercut 103 with pen for scale - LaserSister

This fish papercut is from the papercutting project that I’m doing. (Basically I’m trying to hand-cut my way through all of the designs in Dover Books’ “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book.)

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Fish Papercut K103

This week’s design is number 103 in the book.

This one was really tricky to cut. It’s got really thin lines and details. It looks like a cross between a fish and a plant, in some places. The fins and gills and tail look like leaves. The combination of flowing Art Nouveau-type lines and flexible fish forms is right up my street!

fish papercut 103 with pen for scale - LaserSister

Closer up:

(slightly blurred!) papercut 103 fish closeup with LaserSister watermark

I was using a fairly blunt blade and felt like I was carving this piece rather than cutting it, but fortunately I didn’t accidentally cut through any of the lines.

Actually, I like this one so much that I might have to use it in a project.

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