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Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 61: Delicate Leaves

papercut 632 delicate leaves - horizontal - LaserSister - KayVincent

Delicate Leaves #632

This “Delicate Leaves” papercut is from an ongoing project that I’ve been doing. (Where I’m trying to work my way through all of the designs in the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book by Dover Books.)

Today’s design is number 632 in the book.

delicate leaves papercut 632 - vertical - LaserSister - KayVincent

Closer up:

papercut 632 delicate leaves - square close up - LaserSister - KayVincent

So – it’s yet another leaf design. Good job I like leaves and flowers and Art Nouveau-y motifs, since there are so many of them in the designs in this book.

For a change I can’t immediately see any disturbing faces in the piece (like I did in this cutting) – although I can see what looks suspiciously like a curly waxed moustache at the very bottom of the design. (Or again – it could just be me!)

I’m really chuffed with the way this one turned out. It’s got very delicate thin leaves and vines and berries in it, and they presented a good challenge for cutting.

Today’s audiobook has still been The Princess and the Orrery by F.D. Lee. It was definitely worth persevering with, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two in the series.

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