Laser-Cut Filigree Heart Wedding Card

Congratulations Andrea and Dominic! Here is the card I made for my cousin and her husband; it’s a laser-cut filigree heart wedding card.

New Design: Laser-Cut Filigree Heart Wedding Card

Congratulations to my cousin Andrea! She got married last weekend to Dominic, so I made a laser-cut card for them:

laser-cut filigree heart wedding card 2

laser-cut filigree heart wedding card 3

laser-cut filigree heart wedding card

I found the basic leafy design on  (and here it is on Pinterest) and then tweaked it until it was heart-shaped.

Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 085

Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 085

This is papercut 085 (only 15 more to go!) of my papercutting project (using the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book.  I am adapting the designs for papercutting, and then practising by cutting out 100 designs in 100 days. Eventually I may may incorporate them in future papercuts that are made by laser and also by hand.)

Because of the many repetitive elements in this design I think it might be one of the designs that would look better if cut by laser.

papercut 085 with pen for scale - Kay Vincent - LaserSister

However, I’m not too disappointed by the hand-cut version. The ‘sun ray’ bits are quite crisp, actually.

papercut 085 - Kay Vincent - LaserSister

As well as the central sun/flower design, I can also see things in this design that remind me of fish.  (Or sharks. Or maybe birds.) When I move onto my next epic papercutting project (of creating all of my own designs from scratch) then I might remember this one, and try to hide some fish or animals in an abstract-looking design.


Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 084

Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 084

This is papercut 084 of my papercutting quest (using the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book, in preparation for incorporating them in future papercuts that are made by laser and also by hand.)

I really like this design, and it didn’t seem to take very long to cut. That reminds me – I must start timing how long the cuts actually take, because I really have no idea how long each design takes to cut. I enjoy the process so much and find it so ‘therapeutic’ that sometimes I can be cutting a really big project and it feels like the time is just flying by. And then other times, of course, I could be fighting with a fiddly design, in fading daylight, and using a blunt blade that I can’t be bothered to change – and in those cases the cuts seem to take forever.

papercut 084 with pen for scale - Kay Vincent - LaserSister.JPG

I’m also getting better at tidying up the cuts before I take close-up photos of them!

papercut 084 - Kay Vincent - LaserSister


922 Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 075

Day 75 of my papercutting adventure (using designs from the book “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” as inspiration…)

Decorative Vector Ornaments: Paper cut 075

Day 75 – I’m three quarters of the way through my papercutting adventure! (using the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book, in preparation for incorporating them in future papercuts that are made by laser and also by hand.)


papercut 075 with pen for scale - Kay Vincent - LaserSister

Not many mistakes on this one, and I like the swirly Art Nouveau-type design:papercut 075 - Kay Vincent - LaserSister









Another Art Nouveau Style Papercut

Another Art Nouveau style papercut, from my ongoing papercutting project…

Another Art Nouveau Style Papercutting

Continuing my recent papercutting project, this is my latest hand-cut piece, based on one of the designs from the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” nouveau style papercutting

Art Nouveau Papercuts

Hand-cut Art Nouveau style papercuttings

Art Nouveau Papercuts

Having started hand-cutting paper designs again the other day (mentioned in this post), I’ve been making a few more since then. A few of them have been Art Nouveau-ish:

art nouveau papercuttings

This one looks a bit more Art Deco, I suppose…

art nouveau papercuttings - edge design

But the rest are more Art Nouveau-y:

art nouveau papercutting flowers

art nouveau papercutting - lady

…and one of my favourites so far:art nouveau papercutting - profile


Pinterest is a great tool for finding inspiration for craft or art projects, so I’ve created a board called “Laser Inspiration”, where I’m collecting lots of laser-y images.

Pinspiration = Pinterest Inpiration

I am really into Pinterest at the moment. It’s a great way to discover what laser-y designs and techniques are trending at the moment, and you can also save images to your own ‘boards’ to use as research for later.

I’ve set up a special board in Pinterest for “Laser Inspiration“, and I’m trying to gather as many laser-related arts and crafts as possible, to make it a great big resource for when I’m looking for inspiration:

Pinspiration - pinterest inspiration - laser cutting

Feel free to have a look yourself! There is another link to the board here.

More Papercutting by Hand…

My papercutting quest continues! I’m trying to cut out all 922 designs from a book of ‘decorative ornaments’ from Dover Books

Following on from yesterday’s post when I rediscovered the book “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments“, I have been relaxing this evening by doing a bit more papercutting by hand. It makes a refreshing change from doing it by laser.

Here are my latest cuts:

papercutting from 922 decorative vector ornaments book

papercutting from 922 decorative vector ornaments book

papercutting from 922 decorative vector ornaments book

…see if you can match any in my sketchbook compared to the actual original designs in the book:

papercutting 20180206 04

Favourite Laser Cut Souvenir from Venice

A laser-cut souvenir pop-up card from Venice.

My favourite laser cut souvenir so far…

Wherever I go my eye is always drawn to laser-cut and laser-etched items, and (as I mentioned in the last post) I was really pleased to see plenty of good quality laser-y products while I was on holiday earlier this month. In fact I was so pleased to see them that I even bought a few laser cut souvenirs.

This is a card that I bought in the Doge’s Palace. It’s got a nice simple front…

venice laser cut souvenir - front
Venice laser cut souvenir – front

…and then when you open it you get the “wow” of the pop-up effect:

venice laser cut souvenir - inside
Venice laser cut souvenir – inside

Here is a close-up of the inside:

venice laser cut souvenir - close up

This is the back of the card:

venice laser cut souvenir - back
Back of card


The makers are a bit mysterious – I can’t find them anywhere via the usual search engines – so if you can point me to their website please let me know! You can do that via the contact us page or Twitter (@LaserSister), or Facebook or the comments section below. Thanks!

William Morris Style Laser Cut Birthday Card Designs

William Morris alphabet birthday cards. Card toppers. Laser cutter ideas and inspiration.

William Morris Style Laser Cut Birthday Cards

This week I’ve been developing William Morris-style laser cut birthday cards.

After a couple of days’ tinkering, I ended up with some really nice filigree designs of card toppers:

William Morris style laser cut birthday card: E
Birthday card design: E
william morris style laser cut birthday card F
Testing a gold “F” design

Where to find images and inspiration for your laser cutter

For the letters shown above, I bought the extended licence from Dreamstime, which is a website where you can buy royalty-free photos and vector-based illustrations.

Here are the art nouveau alphabet images that I used. Alternatively, you can enter your own search terms in the box below, to look for specific resources. For example, type “Art nouveau”, or “William Morris alphabet” in the box, and then click the ‘search’ button.

Stock Images

Another great resource that I’ve found for royalty-free designs is They seem to have forgotten to use an apostrophe in the link/banner below, but they still do a brilliant range of illustrations. And because their files are all vector-based graphics, that means that they are usually very straightforward to cut with a laser cutter:

And at the moment (April 2018) both sites are even more useful if you have your own laser cutting business, because they can provide a little bit of extra income on top of your actual laser-cut products. You can either upload some of your own original designs and allow people to buy licences to use them, or can sign up as an ‘affiliate’.

For example, with Vectorstock I uploaded my elephant design so that other people with laser cutters can use it in their own designs. Then every time someone purchases a licence for the elephant, I receive a few cents, but there is no extra cost to the purchaser. Win/win!

Similarly, with affiliate links and referral schemes, you can also receive small payments just for pointing people towards something that they are already interested in. As another example, if you include the banners/ads for these services (like the ones shown above) you could receive a small payment each time someone signs up and/or purchases a licence.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ via the contact us page, or to tweet me @LaserSister if you’ve tried any of the above ideas or if you’ve got comments or questions.