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Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 24: Broken Papercut

papercut 527 broken papercut - horizontal - LaserSister - KayVincent

Broken Papercut #527

This “Broken Papercut” is from an ongoing papercutting project (where I’m trying to adapt and cut my way through all of the designs in the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book by Dover Books.)

This is design number #527 in the book. I’m not cutting them in any particular order, but I think I’m getting fairly close to having actually cut 527 of the designs over the last three or four years.

This one is a very sad-looking papercut. My cat jumped onto the cutting mat and the papercut stuck to her paw. Then when she jumped back down off the cutting mat she just left a crumpled, twisted piece of black paper on the carpet – with a crucial piece missing! Once I’d straightened out the papercut and neatened it up a bit where the piece had been torn off, I decided I’d spent enough time on it and didn’t want to start the whole thing again. So here it is:

papercut 527 broken papercut

Closer up:

papercut 527 broken papercut - close up - LaserSister - KayVincent

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