922 Decorative Vector Ornaments: Papercut 032

This is Day 32 of my papercutting adventure, using designs from the book “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” as inspiration…

Decorative Vector Ornaments: Paper cut 032

Day 32 of this project based on the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book. Wow – I’ve done more than a month’s worth of cuttings already!

A delicate little leaf piece:

papercut 032 with pen for scale

Actually, even though the jagged bits sort of leap out at me (especially on that end curve bit), I still like this piece. Because I’ve realised that if I made it with the laser cutter then yeah, it would have been perfectly smooth, but it’s actually the little mistakes and jagged bits that show that a real live human being has created this piece:

papercut 032 - Edited




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