Decorative Vector Ornaments: Paper cut 023

Day 23 – Nearly a quarter of the way through this project based on the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book – and still going strong!

Haha – note the good old trick of using wisps-of-hair-across-the-face in order to physically connect the eyes and other features to the rest of the papercutting:papercut 023 with pen for scale

I’m not sure if it was the original design or a wayward cut on my part, but the lady seems a bit ‘bog eyed’, with both eyes pointing in different directions? Not sure if I can fix that very easily. I might try later to cut another tiny bit out of the corner of her right eye (as we look at her) to see if that helps, but no – I think she’s doomed. papercut 023 by LaserSister