New Business: New Blog!

New laser-cutting business blog

After years of running Key Crafts (which covered several crafts including polymer clay, papercutting, jewellery, cardmaking, and laser art), I have now spawned a new company, which will concentrate specifically on the laser side of the business.

“LaserSister” is the new branch of the business,¬†and¬†will cover the¬†laser cutting service for other artists, plus my own laser-cut jewellery, gifts, cards and toys.

I’m aiming to create a blog which will share:

  • information about laser cutting resources that I create, and/or find elsewhere
  • designs for cutting
  • links to other laser-related sites
  • observations and lessons learned from running a laser-cutting business
  • information about the services and products I provide

…but if you’d like to request or recommend any laser-cutting-related posts or content, please give me a shout and I’ll see if they can¬†be added to the blog.

In the meantime the¬†first item to come out of the new business is this¬†kitten brooch, with its little dangly bead instead of a ball of string for the kitten to play with. It should¬†soon¬†feature on my new Etsy and Folksy shops¬†(now all I have to do is create the¬†shops…)



Thanks for reading, and¬†please do comment/subscribe if you’re a fellow laser enthusiast. Cheers!